Community Mobilizer Certification

Learn to mobilize with these foundations

Apply your advocate certification to mobilize your community, coordinate volunteers, and communicate the principles that drive social change.


Advocate certification



Who Gets Certified?

Community leaders who are passionate about advancing opportunity for all.


Program Theory: Planning for Success

To build movements and effect change, community mobilizers need to think strategically, act with purpose, and show others a clear path toward achieving success. In this session, you’ll learn to do that using Program Theory, a planning and evaluation tool that will enable you to develop your theory of change.

Narratives and Framing

Are you tired of others misconstruing your vision for society? Here you’ll explore the nuances of narrative and how successful social entrepreneurs plan and execute around a unified story. You’ll also learn to propose effective counternarratives and pivot around false or negative ones.

Recruiting the Right Volunteers

Attracting and recruiting the right volunteers is essential to every social entrepreneur’s success. You’ll sharpen your recruiting tools through this course, which will teach you to develop a strategic recruiting plan, implement tried-and-true recruiting practices, and recognize which volunteers can best contribute toward your goal.

M is for Motivation

Inspiring volunteers can be like herding cats, but it’s easy if you learn what motivates them. In this session, you’ll learn to spot your volunteers’ “whys,” place them in the right positions, and utilize the concepts of mastery, ownership, and purpose to keep them passionate and engaged.

Influencing the Influencer

How do you persuade elected officials to support you? You learn everything you can about them, their supporters, and who they’re accountable to. This course will teach you to identify, categorize, and engage the right partners to ensure your message resonates through the halls of power.

S.M.A.R.T. Tactics, Direct Action

Once you understand your vision for a better society, it’s time to take action to achieve it. In this session, you’ll learn about S.M.A.R.T. tactics, the benefits of direct action, and how to recognize, mobilize, and educate your fellow citizens.

Develop the foundational principles, tools, and strategies you’ll need to be a leader in your community.

Our final certification level is a three-day bootcamp for committed grassroots leaders. This is where you’ll put all your training together and handle real-life ..