Community Mobilizer Certification

Learn to mobilize with these foundations

Apply your advocate certification to mobilize your community, coordinate volunteers, and communicate the principles that drive social change.


Advocate certification



Who Gets Certified?

Community leaders who are passionate about advancing opportunity for all.


Social Change with Program Theory


In this session, you’ll learn the four key institutions of society and how the institution of government is not the proper institution to fix all societal problems. You’ll also learn how to use Program Theory to strategize how you can remove the barriers that government creates.

Mastering Your Messaging


The three key components of messaging: what you’re saying, how you’re saying it, and why it matters. In this session, you will not only learn how to effectively communicate a winning message for your goals, but also how to counter your opponent’s messaging—because no matter what industry you’re in, there will be someone else trying to sell ideas similar or completely different from yours.

GRO - Grassroots Relational Organizing


Grassroots relational organizing and recruitment is crucial steps to advancing your cause. Through these methods, you will learn how to develop a strategy and power-map yourself in relationship to the community and coalitions you are to influence.

Mobilizing and Motivating Volunteers


Learn how create a culture where more volunteers want to make an impact by working with you. This session will teach practical skills on how to organize and manage volunteers, thereby leveraging them to accomplish your community’s greatest needs.

Direct Action Tactics


Direct-action tactics should be utilized in all successful grassroots campaigns.This session will teach the S.M.A.R.T. method in creating an action plan and utilizing strategy methods to determine best direct-action tactics for your efforts. Participants will complete a final strategic mobilizing plan utilizingProgram Theory and understand how to apply it to various situations.

Develop the foundational principles, tools, and strategies you’ll need to be a leader in your community.

Our final certification level is a three-day bootcamp for committed grassroots leaders. This is where you’ll put all your training together and handle real-life ..