Grassroots Advocate Certification

learn how to be an effective advocate

Develop the skills, tools, and strategies you’ll need to be an effective Advocate for the issues that you care about.





Who Gets Certified?

Citizens who are passionate about making America better.

learning outcomes

Create Social Change

You will learn how to create societal change by engaging in effective grassroots movements. 

Have meaningful conversations

You will learn how to have meaningful conversations that bridge divides and motivate others to take action. 

Leverage storytelling

Advocate will learn how to tactically leverage storytelling to motivate and spark interest in others and inspire change. 

Build a Movement

Advocates will learn how to identify, educate and mobilize others to join their grassroots movement.

Influence Decision Makers

You will learn how to effectively engage with legislators and decision makers to create long term impact. 

You have the foundation you need to be an effective activist. Now, how do you go about building a movement to effect change?

Our final certification level is for committed grassroots leaders. This is where you’ll put all your training together and handle real-life ..