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What makes Grassroots Leadership Academy unique

Grassroots Leadership Academy has inspired citizens to be bold leaders who improve their communities and break barriers standing in the way of people realizing their potential. Watch our video to learn more about what makes Grassroots Leadership Academy unique.

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Shane Levinson

Shane Levinson is a serial entrepreneur and leadership enthusiast, currently serving as CEO of Willing & Able Carpet Cleaning & Carpets of Arizona. He is an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran with 4 years of honorable service. After completing his service, he discovered his passion for public policy and has been advocating for a wide range…

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Michael Yakubovich

As a New Hampshire State Representative, listening and connecting with constituents is invaluable. I partnered with GLA to strengthen my ability to connect with listeners, better organize my thoughts and refine my presentation skills.  GLA helped me break down complex topics by approaching issues methodically and ensuring a thorough analysis of the issue. Their model…

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Laura & John Spottiswood

Our experience with the GLA classes was invaluable.  It was tremendously educational and interesting and actually, a lot of fun.  We met so many people that we continue to have contact with today.  We learned to pinpoint a problem, whether it be in local government or at my job and find ways to go about…

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Overcoming the Backfire Effect

If you are presented with data that challenged a position you’ve held for years, do you think you’d be likely to question your position, or would you dismiss the information? Many say they are open-minded and would welcome information that would help them come be better conclusions. However, multiple studies show that many might actually find themselves rejecting the new information. Not only that, but their support for their original position is actually strengthened despite the new evidence. This is called “The Backfire Effect.”

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