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Do you have an organization that wants to make a difference?

Create more effective bottom-up change and take your grassroots organizing to new heights through a training partnership with the Grassroots Leadership Academy. Allow GLA to come along side your citizen group to help you create a vision, communicate your message, get your organizers singing from the same song book and create the change you seek—from the bottom-up.

leadership training partnership

Grassroots Citizens and Community Members

If you have a cause you care about in your community, we have the training to help you achieve it.

Here is what you need to do…

  • Gather a group of individuals in your area who care about your issue together
  • Have a goal in mind and vision in your heart
  • Request a call with us so we can learn how to best help you

Request our GLA trainings to turbo-charge your efforts:

Our GLA How-To Series

Our flagship GLA Certifications: Advocate | Mobilizer | Leader