Grassroots Leadership Academy

Build the leadership skills you need to advance opportunity for all.

The Grassroots Leadership Certification Program is our flagship offering. Consisting of three levels, this program equips you with the tools, techniques, and strategies you need to effectively promote the values of a society based on equal rights and mutual benefit where everyone can discover and develop their potential.


Advocate Certification

As a Certified Advocate you'll feel equipped and empowered as an enlightened and more effective communicator to create cultural change around principles that promote human progress in a free society.

Organize your community

Organize your community to break down barriers to opportunity.

Influence lawmakers

Influence lawmakers to advance the policies that best promote flourishing.

Communicate Persuasively

Persuasively communicate the underlying ideas and values of a free and open society.

Mobilizer Certification

As a Certified Community Mobilizer you'll be ready to successfully identify, educate, and mobilize others to take action with you in creating meaningful, bottom-up change in your community. You'll discover how to get fellow advocates to take action and influence decision makers in your community.


What motivates us to do what we do, is helping and working with people like you.