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LaNiqua McCloud

Grassroots Trainer

LaNiqua is passionate about educating and empowering individuals throughout their advocate journey. She embraces a principled and lifelong learner lifestyle daily and strives to teach others to do the same. She also has a wide variety of experience in teaching, public speaking, community outreach, and grassroots advocacy. LaNiqua served as a top Grassroots Leader and adjunct trainer for Americans for Prosperity Foundation, teaching the importance of Criminal Justice Reform, Education Freedom, Mental Health, and Advocacy. She was also an Empowered high school and community-based educator (formerly known as Youth Entrepreneurs), in addition to teaching social studies, special education, and life and employable skills.

LaNiqua has a B.A. in criminal justice administration and management and a master’s in psychology. She believes with her deep-rooted love for educating and empowering others that she can create a better society for the next generations to come. On her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and is an avid foodie.