Victoria (Tori) Foster

Grassroots Program Manager

Raised in the north end of the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana, I’ve always cherished the outdoors and the values of hard work and independence that define Montana. My journey into politics was sparked by a personal experience of governmental overreach that directly impacted my family’s ability to build their home. Witnessing this overreach of power ignited a passion within me to stand up for the rights and freedoms of not only my family but my fellow Montanans.

When I’m not working, you can find me exploring Montana’s wilderness, hiking through its beautiful mountains, and casting lines into its clear rivers while fishing. These moments in nature remind me of the importance of preserving our way of life and the values that make Montana truly special.

I believe it’s crucial to fight for personal liberty in this world. Every individual deserves the freedom to pursue their dreams and live their lives without undue interference from the government or other entities. I am committed to serving my community and ensuring that the voices of everyday people are heard in the political arena.