Meghan Norton

Meghan Swella Norton

Director of Partnerships

Meghan is passionate about stripping away political labels, creating a space and place for people to be understood and gain understanding, and bringing people together through civil dialogue and structured deliberation to elevate community-based solutions and unleash the beauty and creativity that comes from the bottom-up. She hopes for a revivification the spirit of volunteerism, mutual benefit society, and localism.

Meghan’s background includes copywriting, content creation, teaching at the university level, facilitation, and deliberation. She has a bachelor’s in business management from Central College, a master’s of science in public communication and technology from Colorado State University, and she is a trained facilitator of the Center for Public Deliberation. Meghan enjoys an active lifestyle, the feeling of a slow and smooth golf swing, making great and nourishing foods, being community to those around her, serving in their church, and exploring the greatness of colorful Colorado with her husband and their beloved dog—Dallas.