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Hyrum Robinson

Grassroots Trainer

Having grown up in Mexico and experienced multiple cultures firsthand, Hyrum has an appreciation for the differing viewpoints that all cultures bring. After moving to the United States, he feels blessed to live in a melting pot nation where multiple cultures live together peacefully and mutual benefit; where James Madison’s vision of an extended sphere is being put into practice. Over the past 8 years, he has worked in multiple roles for Americans for Prosperity, most recently in Northern Virginia and Richmond, by building a community of leaders and advocates creating bottom-up solutions in the key institution of government in areas such as foundational education reform, labor, and healthcare reform while also campaigning for policy champions.

Hyrum’s love of teaching and training really began doing community service with his church where he has worked in youth and men’s ministry service. Connecting people with the tools and resources they need to accomplish their goals is one of the most rewarding efforts he has engaged in. He is passionate about GLA’s work to connect people with the tools and resources they need to build our country on the principles of respect and mutual benefit. He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Fresno State. At home in Virginia, Hyrum dotes on his beautiful wife where they are creating a home with their four sons. He enjoys running, gardening, and taking his family on vacation adventures.