Grassroots Leadership Certifications

learn to lead with these foundations

Join an exclusive group of grassroots leaders in your state to develop effective activism strategies, work with legislators, and spearhead organizing efforts in your community.


Mobilizer Certification



Who Gets Certified?

Community leaders who are passionate about advancing opportunity for all.


Pregame – Introductions and Team-Building Exercises

Meet your fellow grassroots leaders and begin building the trust you’ll need to forge lasting connections.

Our Vision

This course provides a principled approach to social change. You’ll learn why maximizing peace, civility, and well-being where people succeed by serving others is the best way to improve the lives of others, especially the least fortunate.

Cutting the Issue

Grassroots campaigns often fail because they don’t identify and explain specific policy changes. In this session, you’ll learn to slim a big idea down to clear, achievable goals.

The Overton Window

It’s no secret that culture influences politics. We’ll discuss how you can leverage this reality to advance policy using a theory known as the Overton Window.

Know the Place, Know the Players

To build a successful issue campaign, you need to properly assess the playing field. You’ll come away from this session knowing how to gather the intel you need to make strategic decisions.

Program Theory and Strategic Planning

What are the differences between mission, vision, and goals, and how are they related? We’ll answer that question in this session so you can learn to develop a holistic process for strategizing to achieve your desired outcomes.

The Federal and State Legislative Process: How a Bill Really Becomes Law

This course is your guide to understanding the federal and state legislative processes. You’ll also gain tools to track legislation.

How to Kill a Bill

Here you’ll examine each stage of the legislative process so you can affect the content of bills you oppose or support and their outcomes.

Campaign Tactics

This course gives you the tactical insights you’ll need to advance your issue campaigns. You’ll learn how to plan your ground game and incorporate useful tricks to carry it out.

Media Tactics

In this session, you’ll discover best practices for media relations and strategy and the tools you’ll need to secure coverage and communicate a powerful message during interviews.

Grassroots Events

Events can help you get your message out to the community – these are the best ways to organize, promote, and manage your grassroots events successfully.

Grassroots Fundraising

Learn how your organization can build support within the community by giving people the opportunity to invest and buy in to your issue campaign.

Building a Digital Campaign

Discover the value of digital activism and how you can use it to drive more engagement with your social content. You’ll also learn what tools you need to put together a successful digital campaign.

Street Theater and Public Performance

Street Theater and Public Performance
This course teaches you to utilize different methods of street theater to promote your causes. You’ll craft your own demonstration, protest, or public performance.

Overcoming Objections

You can use sales techniques to help potential volunteers commit to your cause. Here you’ll learn to ask the right questions to overcome objections and avoid common mistakes when recruiting volunteers.

Activist Certification

Develop the foundational principles, tools, and strategies you’ll need to be a leader in your community.

Mobilizer Certification

You have the foundation you need to be an effective activist. Now, how do you go about building a movement to effect change?