Sell Freedom Without Starting a Fight

In an age of political tribalism and when heated arguments seem to be in vogue, there is a better way!

Be an effective leader and communicator for your ideas, values, and more productive dialogue. Learn to understand someone on the other side of an issue, practice speaking in a way to be understood, and lead the way to better friendships and higher caliber conversations.

This training is great for individuals and groups alike to learn the invaluable skills and knowhow to listen to understand others, speak in a way to be better understood, and ultimately learn how to sell freedom without starting a fight.

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06 May

Impacting Your Elected Officials – Casper Wyoming


Do you ever wonder how you can make the greatest impact on your elected officials?  Please join us for an interactive training event by the Grassroots Leadership Academy & Americans for Prosperity Foundation Wyoming  This training will help participants increase their influence with their elected officials. Participants will have the knowledge, skills, and ability to overcome…

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