Run for School Board

You care about your kids, you community, and want to make a positive change for both. We’re here for you! This is a 4-part training series meant to empower you to roll up your sleeves and run for school board—or effectively organize your community for someone you want to run for school board.

Learn expert tips and strategies you need to effectively organize your efforts and your community.

The 4-sessions are as follows:
Session 1 | How to become the candidate and set yourself up for success
Session 2 | How to communicate your why and connect with those in your district
Session 3 | How to create a messaging plan and stay on message no matter what
Session 4 | How to talk to voters and raise money

How To events

13 April

Lead like Reagan – Dan Quiggle


Americans for Prosperity Foundation invites you to a special presentation on leadership by Dan Quiggle. Dan began his career in the post-Presidential office of Ronald Reagan where he had a front row seat to history and learned leadership from one of the most gifted leaders of all time. Dan strives to emulate and refine the…

06 May

Impacting Your Elected Officials – Casper Wyoming


Do you ever wonder how you can make the greatest impact on your elected officials?  Please join us for an interactive training event by the Grassroots Leadership Academy & Americans for Prosperity Foundation Wyoming  This training will help participants increase their influence with their elected officials. Participants will have the knowledge, skills, and ability to overcome…

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