2022 Reflection

Are you fed up with the extremes in both parties ruining our country's self-governance process? The country has never been more divided, and it's collectivism and socialism on the left and extreme nationalism and populism on the right causing this tribalism and polarization. Most Americans are being pushed away from the process, destroying the greatest advancement in self-government, individual freedom, and economic prosperity in human history.

But there's still hope. It's time we return to the principles this country was founded on - being a government of the people - and for that government to return to its proper, limited role of securing our God-given rights instead of taking them from us. We need to hold our elected officials and ourselves accountable to living up to the promise of America as defined in the Declaration of Independence.

It's up to us, 21st-century Americans, to act and demand that the United States lives up to its promise. We can't be passive and silent when the government uses coercion to restrict our freedoms or is non-responsive when the government rigs the system in favor of the few, the connected, and the powerful. We must stand up for what our Founders envisioned and for what self-government is supposed to be about!

Bottom-up solutions and the freedom to solve problems closest to their source is what made this country thrive, not government coercion, excessive regulations, social engineering, and one-size-fits-all government programs. The United States is the greatest and most powerful self-governing nation the world has ever known, but to sustain it, advocates for freedom and liberty must participate in the process and do our part to ensure its survival.

That's why we formed the Grassroots Leadership Academy in 2015 - to educate and train citizens on how they can be more effective advocates for the principles of human progress, freedom, and liberty. Now we're committed to building a nationwide community of GLA Certified Advocates, Mobilizers, and Leaders who, when working together, and with our sister organization, Americans for Prosperity, can pass significant policy reforms at the state and federal level and hold all elected officials accountable to America's Founding Principles.

We want to provide you with a home, among like-minded citizens who put forth solutions to America's biggest problems without the extreme tribalization and inflammatory rhetoric or use of coercion. We will work with anyone to do good and no one to do harm.

Slade O'Brien

Vice President
Co-Founder Grassroots
Leadership Academy

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